A Memorial Day “Number” to Remember: 63,922

This Monday, the 27th of May, is Memorial Day.

It’s the day our country sets apart as a day to remember all the men and women who have died while serving in the United States military.  Nearly every city in our country will offer some service or “moment” this coming Monday.

We are encouraged to pause, reflect, and – most importantly – remember the high cost of freedom.  Indeed, many Sunday morning houses of worship will join the chorus calling us to remember!

As you prepare for this day, I’d like to ask you to remember something a little different, as well.  Not instead of, but along with, if you will.

Remember this number: 63,992. 

That’s the astounding number of visitors one porn site receives per minute.  That means that on days like Memorial Day, this one porn site will receive over 100 million visits.

Why am I asking that you remember this number?  Because it represents an assault – an outright attack – on the very freedoms our country holds dear.

The freedoms our brave men and women sacrifice their life to secure we now trample on and distort at an alarming rate.

Freedom extends well beyond secure borders.  The society within those borders must promote and sustain the freedoms won, even – especially – as we remember the lives lost to secure our freedoms!

And, while our borders may be secure, our society teeters on the edge of perpetual imprisonment and bondage. Bondage experienced and shared nearly 64,000 times every minute.

I am going to list ten ways this number leads to societal bondage.  The bondage that spits on the very freedoms we are celebrating this weekend.

Ten Ways the Number 63,922 Leads to Personal And Social Bondage

  1. Loneliness and depression.
  2. Unsatisfied relationships.
  3. Increasingly Insatiable desires (porn users are never truly satisfied, and this works its way out in the lives of those we love).
  4. Child-on-child sexual activity and aggression.  The rise of child-on-child sex abuse is alarming.
  5. Silence, secrecy, and shame.
  6. Violence, aggression, and racism.  Many of the most violent porn sites (and there are thousands) exploit minorities of all shapes and sizes.
  7. Sexual violence against women and children.
  8. Sexual anxiety, confusion, and distortion among early adolescence.
  9. Rape-culture and sexual captivity.  Yes, pornography is rape and contributes to rape culture.
  10. The demise of human connection.  This sounds the least invasive, but it’s the most worrisome.  The less we connect – intensely – as humans, the less we experience the freedoms we are designed and created to enjoy.

Remember this number: 63,922

Every Memorial Day, I set aside a few minutes to remember and say thank you.  I remember those who have given everything to protect the freedoms I’ve come to enjoy.

This Monday, I will also remember the number that is attacking those freedoms: 63,922.

As I remember, I will also proclaim: Enough is enough!  And, while I may not be called upon to sacrifice my life for our freedoms, I will undoubtedly give my life – in every way I can – to prevent the spread of this disease called pornography.

Disrupting to Renew!