Cultivating a Sacramental Imagination

Last Sunday, I watched a toddler racing his daddy. It wasn’t, of course, much of a race. In fact, as daddy said, “ready, set, go,” to the toddler, he was busy holding his youngest in his arms.

The toddler, of course, oblivious to everything EXCEPT the fact that his daddy was racing him – playing with him – took off as fast as his feet could carry him.

Ten yards later, his daddy announced, “You win.” The toddler beamed with joy. An infectious laugh rippled through the air.

He was, no doubt, excited he had won this race. Yet, I have a hunch that the joyful laugh and ear-to-ear grin beamed from the fact that his daddy was playing with him. Though busy caring for another child and trying to accomplish other things, his daddy took time to play with him.

I imagine our heavenly father in much the same way! Though caring for his other children, always willing and able – even desiring – to spend time with me.

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