Five Reasons Why I Am a Man Against Porn

Five Reasons Why I Am A Man Against Porn

I am an outspoken critic of porn.  I am also a proponent of putting an end to the global industry it has spawned.

My goal in all of this, however, is to offer hope and encouragement to men and women who struggle with compulsive sexual behavior disorders.

Most, if not all of these disorders, are connected to porn consumption and/or addiction!

This “work” against porn, in support of love (yes, the two are mutually exclusive) began over ten years ago.

My purpose is to help bring an end to the porn-culture and eradicate it within my lifetime.

The more I speak against porn, the more I find people who think it’s silly to do so.  Many argue that porn doesn’t harm anyone.  Others contend that if it is a problem, then its a private problem.

Porn is the New Public Health Crisis

Yet, in spite of the entrenched belief that porn isn’t a problem, more and more scientific and empirical evidence is pointing in the other direction.

In other words, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that pornography is a public health crisis and that porn-addiction is one of the central addictions of this century.  But, in this post, I am not going to point to all the statistics.  I am just going to offer you some reasons (from a practitioners perspective) why I am a man against porn and why you should be too!

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What You Need to Know Before You Join a Recovery Group

Have you ever asked yourself, “What will it take to beat this addiction?”  I sure did.

Many times.







My wife asked it of me about a thousand times more than I asked it of myself.

Here’s the deal: If you’re asking, at least you are acknowledging that you have a problem!

Many Men Never Ask the Question: “What will it take?”

Most men – many men – never get that far.

While I can’t tell you every step you’re going to need to take, I can give you many of them.

One I’ve not discussed yet is the power of community!

I don’t know anyone who has ever beat addiction in isolation!

So, if you’re fighting alone, then you’re falling apart!

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Why I Can’t Stop Writing About Porn and How I Hope to Help You Break Free!

I want to pick up where I left off many weeks ago: writing about the church – specifically, the church as a new kind of community.

A few weeks ago, however, I realized that I have to begin writing about pornography, again.

Honestly, I don’t want to write about pornography.  I wish it (porn, I mean) simply weren’t a “thing.”

But it is a “thing.”  It’s a terribly toxic “thing” that I suspect is worse than you know.

Solicitation and Sex-Trafficking in Our Backyard

In our small community, the authorities arrested hundreds of men who were soliciting prostitution in local massage parlors.  Many of these “prostitutes” are victims of a sex trafficking network that reaches across the globe.

Reading about this news was like getting sucker-punched in the gut.

As I read the news, I knew that porn lurks behind this type of behavior.  There are, no doubt, other factors.  But porn is always the common denominator in such behavior.

I’ve also been reminded, in recent days and weeks, of how pervasive porn consumption and addiction is and how much destruction it is causing.  It breaks my heart to think that we’ve raised an entire generation on this filth.  They are the generation coming of age and asking questions like, “how could you do such a thing?”

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Six Quick Tips to Combat the Seedy Side of Social Media!

Six Quick Tips To Combat Seedy Side of Social Media!

Okay, parents, we all know that social media is here to stay.

If that’s the case, developing a strategy that will enable your child to enjoy the benefit of social media (and gaming sites), while preventing them from early exposure to the seedy side of the social media world is vital.

In this post, I’ll share Six-Quick Tips that will help you prepare your child and develop an intentional plan in your home!

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A Father’s Confession: How Instagram Made Me Feel Like a Fool

A Father’s Confession: How Instagram Made Me Feel Like a Fool

Warning: Explicit Content Ahead!  The content of this post deals directly with pornography and the immediate access our children have to it through social media apps.  As such, the language and specific wording is more explicit than many of my posts.

I believe, firmly, this is a message that must be voiced, heard, and shared.   I do, however, recognize that many may find it offensive.  It’s not my intent to offend, but to inform.  I plan on writing a series of posts addressing issues relating to social media apps in the coming weeks and months.  Please, feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns, or simply need help.  You can reach me at or

I blew it, I confess.

I’ve never truly monitored my children’s Instagram accounts the way they ought to be monitored.


Because the social media app comes with a “T” rating, which means – ostensibly – that it’s a #Pornfree app.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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