About Me

Hi! I’m Biz Gainey. Thanks for stopping by.

Pastor. Teacher. Writer.

I currently serve as the founding and lead pastor of Pillar Community Church, in Vero Beach, Fl.  Pillar Community Church began in 2011 and is committed to an intentional pathway of growth by means of spiritual practices and sacred rhythms designed to nurture the With-God-Life.  I believe that we are designed in such a way that we can explore, experience and enjoy union with the trinity, the With-God-Life, now – today.  Indeed, it’s the person and work of Christ that makes this experience possible, even probable for those who long to know Him more!

I am happily married to Melissa.  We said our vows on July 25, 1995 and have three grown children.  Jacob, Luke and Hayla.


My personal calling, actively engaged through Pillar Community Church, is “to awaken and become attentive to eternal life (realities) now present and possible in Christ”

I received aBachelor of Arts  from Warner University and his Master of Divinity from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.


This blog serveas as one of my spiritual rhythms.  In other words, writing awakens me to the presence of God within.  I try to create beauty with each blog.  I believe that’s the orignal intention behind the goodness of creation. We, as God’s children, co-create with Him, revealing His beauty in our world that’s often hidden in plain sight.

Most of the subjects of topics covered in this space are birthed in personal reflections.  Reflections as a child of God, husband to Melissa, father of three wonderful children, pastor of an amazing church, and friend/neighbor in God’s good world.  In other words – they are reflections – not well researched essays seeking an academic audience.  These reflections are intended to encourage and inspire others to live into union with the Trinity that Christ makes possible and share the love birthed from and within that relationship with the larger world!


If you would like to contact me regarding anything you find written here, you can reach me at [email protected]