A Father and a Fan, 2: The Heart of Vero Keeps Hope Alive!

When a team has heart – by that I mean grit, determination, desire, mettle, and hunger – hope never dies.

As long as hope lives, anything is possible!


Last Friday night, fans of this year’s installment of #fightingindianfootball, witnessed a team with heart.

And, honestly, no one ever guessed that heart would be required to win this year’s district championship game.

Indeed, we entered Fort Pierce Central’s home field as huge favorites.  We left as district champions!

But something special happened in between our coming in as favorites and going out as champs.

It wasn’t something every eye could see, but it was there!

Gut-Checks, Gridiron, and Gains in Life

The team experienced a small, but clearly felt, gut-check moment.  How they responded to this gut-check moment, continues to tell the tale of just how far this team will go as we head into what is going to be our longest and most successful play off run since 1981!

But there is even more at stake than how far we will go in the playoffs.  Last Friday night’s game may be an indication of how far in life these young men might go!

Only time will tell.

But, as one of my favorite 80/90s post-punk band sings, The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades!

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