Born For More! Created For Meaning! Designed For Eternity!

More than twenty years ago Freddy Mercury hauntingly asked the world, “Who wants to live forever?” (here,

According to the Fall Out Boys, we all do.

That is, at least, what their iconic hit Centuries envisions:

Some legends are told
Some turn to dust or to gold
But you will remember me
Remember me for centuries

Centuries packs quite a punch (here, A punch that is felt in a host of ways.  From the driving guitar riffs, which lie just beneath the surface of the song’s teeming waters of longing for legend to the bass drum’s rhythmic mimicking of the human heart: its punch delivers a guttural experience!!

The song’s punch and popularity caught the ear of ESPN executives, who promptly leveraged its potency to entrench America’s inaugural college football playoff in the hearts and heads of the worldwide community.

Given the way we worship and idolize athletics, Centuries was a slam dunk for the megalomaniacs over at ESPN. The song, however, contains a message with far greater meaning than our modern day fascination with fumbles and first downs allows. Its driving guitar riffs alone pack a punch more powerful than the meager and monetary aspirations of the sporting world’s elite.

Pete Wentz, bassist for the immensely popular band, hints at that deeper message, suggesting that we all long for more in life; desiring a richer, more meaningful existence. He employs both contemporary and ancient images to capture the heart of the song when he says,

‘Centuries’ goes back to that David versus Goliath idea. Even U2 had to start somewhere! For the most part, a lot of legendary tales start from humble beginnings. People tend to forget that.’

Hmm . . .

Legendary tales start from humble beginnings.

Sounds a little like the Gospel story; the ancient story suggesting that we are

  1. Born for more.
  2. Created for meaning.
  3. Designed for eternity.

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