Transforming Pastoral Ministry: Congregational Care as Companionship

From time to time someone will ask me a question like the following:

“Pastor Biz, what do you spend your time doing during the week?”

To which I often answer (in my more serious moments) something like,

“I meet with church/community members, have appointments over meals, and work with our ministry teams and leaders.  The care I provide to our ministry teams differs from week-in and week out.  Currently, our Youth Ministry is receiving more time than usual.  But I may meet with our Missions, Children, Deacons, Elders, Worship, team, etc. depending on the day or the week!  I also spend time in study and preparation for my teaching/preaching responsibilities.  When I have time, I like to pray/think/reflect on the church’s overall health.  I also try to craft out time to pray and connect with parishioners who are homebound or in need of visitation.  And, finally, I enjoy meeting with other pastors and ministry leaders, when possible.”

That’s all to say that I spend most of my time and energy providing some form Congregational Care.

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