Transforming Pastoral Ministry, 6: Called to “Curate”

I love lemons.

They are, by far, one of my favorite fruits!

I most enjoy lemons in the vast array of pies, tarts, cookies, and cakes Melissa takes the time to bake.

To enjoy lemons, in any form, dozens of things must happen first.

I won’t list all of those things (because I don’t know them), but I will note a handful that are helpful for our analogy of cultivating/curating.

  1. A seed is planted.
  2. A tree must grow in soil that is conditioned and nurtured to encourage its growth.
  3. Bugs, insects, and a variety of other air-born pestilences must be vigilantly guarded against.
  4. A bloom bursts forth.
  5. A fruit grows from the bloom.
  6. The fruit ripens on the tree.
  7. Eventually, someone picks the fruit.

Well, you get the picture!

At some point, I finally get to sink my teeth into some form of lemon-infused dinner, drink, or dessert!

An Ancient Art!

In order for any of this to take place, however, the soil in which the lemon is first planted must be healthy soil that’s been nurtured, tended, literally arranged and organized in order for a fruit or plant to grow from it!

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